Ciment Consultants, LLC
Gary Ciment, Ph.D.                                              

• Help with Reviewing Complex Medical Issues
• Help with Developing Legal Cases
• Depositions / Expert Testimony

My expertise is in human anatomy as it applies to surgical cases. I am currently a Professor (tenured) in the School of Medicine at Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU). Over the years, I have taught anatomy and neuroanatomy to medical students, medical residents, and physicians.  I have been the recipient of numerous teaching awards that attest to my effectiveness and "likeability" as a communicator.

As an expert witness, I've consulted for both defendants and plaintiffs.  I have been certified to testify in Oregon Circuit Court and California Superior Court.
Neurological Anatomy

• Neurosurgical Complications
• Cerebrovascular Anatomy (Arteries and Veins)
• Peripheral Nerve Damage
• Brain
• Spinal Cord
• Vision, Hearing, Balance
• Strokes
• Nervous System Trauma

Surgical Anatomy

• Head and Neck Anatomy
• Forearm and Hand Anatomy
• Thoracic Anatomy
• Cardiac and Pulmonary Anatomy
• Abdominal Anatomy
• Pelvic Anatomy
• Perineal (Groin) Anatomy
• Leg and Foot Anatomy

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